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Institute of Biological Chemistry Greenhouse Phenomics

Welcome to the WSU Pullman IBC Phenomics Center. The center was one of the first phenotyping facilities established in the US (2009) and allows non-invasive optical monitoring of physiological states and overall habitus of plants. Two digital cameras together with a complex LED-based illumination systems move in x, y, z directions over the plants taking images. Camera and LED positioning, illumination and data acquisition are computer controlled enabling high flexibility in designing measuring protocols. In that way plants can be monitored several times a day over weeks, allowing easy repetition of screening and the acquisition of multiple data points for each individual plant.

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Contact Information
Helmut Kirchhoff, Institute of Biological Chemistry,, 509-335-3304

Selected publications:

  1. Tietz, S. Puthiyaveetil, H.M. Enlow, R. Yarbrough, M. Wood, D.A. Semchonok, T. Lowry, Z. Li, P. Jahns, E.J. Boekema, S. Lenhert, K.K. Niyogi, H. Kirchhoff (2015) Functional Implications of Photosystem II Crystal Formation in Photosynthetic Membranes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 290, 14091-14106
  2. Puthiyaveetil, T. Woodiwiss, R. Knoerdel, A. Zia, M. Wood, R. Hoehner, H. Kirchhoff (2014) Significance of the Photosystem II core Phosphatase PBCP for Plant Viability and Protein Repair in Thylakoid Membranes. Plant Cell Physiology 55, 1245-1254