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LemnaTec Phenocenter

The automated, high-throughput phenotyping platform for compact plants was established with funding from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and Washington State University (CAHNRS, CAS, SBS, and OR). This phenomics platform from LemnaTec was built into a light/temperature/humidity/CO2-controlled growth chamber (Conviron). The platform carries a suite of cameras for pulsed chlorophyll fluorescence imaging (PAM), visible RGB (for growth rates and biomass quantification), photon counting (for bioluminescence detection), and near-infrared (for water content) imaging systems, as well as a 3D laser scanner for plant structure. The platform houses 42 trays for upwards of 168 Arabidopsis plants or crop seedlings in a single autonomous experiment. Our goal is to provide a high-quality phenotyping services for the WSU community and beyond.




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Contact information
Dominik Schneider, Phenomics Manager,

Johnson Hall 186

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