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Tietz, S., Puthiyaveetil, S., Enlow, H. M., Yarbrough, R., Wood, M., Semchonok, D.A., Lowry, T., Li, Z., Jahns, P., Boekema, E.J., Lenhert, S., Niyogi, K.K., Kirchhoff, H. (2015) Functional Implications of Photosystem II Crystal Formation in Photosynthetic Membranes. J Biol Chem. Accepted Manuscript.

Puthyaveetil, S., Woodiwiss, T., Knoerdel R., Zia, A., Wood, M., Hoehner, R., Kirchhoff, H. (2014) Significance of the Photosystem II Core Phosphatase PBCP for Plant Viability and Protein Repair in Thylakoid Membranes. Plant Cell Physiol 55(7):1245-1254.

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